The Story Behind Us

“The beauty lies in the uniqueness of each piece and every product is
a treasure. Handcrafted from nature, each piece is a work of art and
no two are the same” ~ Joe and Moira, Owners.


We at Craft Enterprises have been sourcing uniquely handcrafted pieces for many years and are very passionate about the beauty behind authenticity and the unique story that lies within the creation of a product.

Our furniture and home decor pieces are sourced from all over the world, with a strong emphasis on Africa. The products have been created by communities that take pride in the intricate details that they have crafted for generations, and the quality of their workmanship.

We believe in creating synergy between your home and the pieces you add into it. Our carefully curated pieces will help you to transform your house into a timeless and stylish home, one full of soul and feeling, reflecting that of the global traveller. 

We hope that you enjoy creating your own handmade home !