Product Information

All of our products are made from natural materials so it is expected that with age some characteristics of these products will change, an element we embrace as it displays the natural qualities and organic beauty of our pieces.

Every piece in our range is completely created by hand and no two products are the same. We pride ourselves on supporting villages and their workmanship, and with this comes unique and soulful pieces.

We do not view certain characteristics as flaws but simply as a part of the products history. Many of our pieces are original and authentic, handed down through the generations, repaired and mended in traditional ways.

The organic nature of our products also makes them weather affected. Our Bamileke Tables may contract over time creating small cracks and which may change the overall appearance of the table. Our natural Malawi Chairs are woven completely out of natural dried reeds and, with different climates, weather conditions and temperatures, may change in colour.

If you have any enquiries in regards to a product and how its characteristics may be affected over time please contact us so we can give advice on what may best suit your location and requirements. Check the product descriptions as well for extra information !